Brew Dog Punk IPA and Hardcore Imperial IPA

Brew Dog is a Scottish brewery, located in Aberdeenshire on the North East Coast.  I have seen their beers around New Jersey for a couple of months now, but had never tried them until recently.  The beers come in bomber bottles and the labels are clearly inspired by the cut and paste designs of Bernie Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, so they get some bonus cool points on that score.

First up was the Punk IPA.   This beer poured with very little head, though I noticed a slight grapefruit aroma as I poured it.  It was pale in color and had a thin mouth feel, but it did have a nice piney and

PUNK IPA - Dig The Groovy Label Design

citrusy hop taste, not too bitter.  It clocked in at 6% ABV.  It definitely improved towards the end of the bottle as it breathed and got closer to room temperature.  Not great, but not bad either, I will give it a 6/10.

The label had a little essay about how they are the alternative to the mainstream, and they do not care if you like the beer, and you should just go back to drinking your “inferior chemical concoction” and how anyone who drinks such beer is just “another pawn in some faceless corporation’s marketing statistics.”  Yeah, I get it, this is a punk rock beer for punk rockers.

Next up was the Hardcore Imperial IPA. Again very little head on the pour.  This had a slightly darker color, and a much maltier aroma.  I noticed a cheddar cheese sharpness to the hop flavors, balanced nicely by the slightly sweet maltiness.  The hop bitterness was not nearly at the level of some of the West Coast Bad Boy IPAs, but was still a level above what you would expect from an average IPA.  At 9% ABV, this is not a beer to knock back on a hot afternoon, but it was nice to savor on a snowy winter night.  This one clocks in at 7.5/10.

The essay on the label was just a description of the hops, malts and yeast that went in to the creation of the beer.  I was half expecting a “Which Side of the Bed Are You On?” diatribe after the Punk IPA essay, but no such luck.

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