Southern Tier Cuvee Series Two

New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company is one of the more adventurous brewers out there.   They have had a few misses (Their Cherry Saison was neither cherry nor a saison) but overall their beers are top notch.  I am a big fan of their Krampus Imperial Helles Lager, one of my favorite Christmas Beers, and their Unearthly Imperial IPA.  Southern Tier also releases “blends’ of their beers.  For example, the Mokah Stout is a blend of the Choklat Stout and the Jahva Stout.  More on this concept later.

Southern Tier’s Cuvee Series are a group of ales aged in Oak Barrels.  I tried the Series One several months ago.  I enjoyed it but do not remember much about it.

I recently tried the Cuvee Series Two.  The Series Two pours a deep mahogany color with a creamy head.  I noticed caramel and maple syrup flavors, and some hoppy bitterness.  It had a wonderfully creamy mouth feel. This beer clocks in at 11% ABV so it is not one to chug but rather a beer to savor slowly. I am going to grade it a 9/10.

The Cuvee Series are packaged in boxes (similar to the boxes some nice scotches come in) and are  limited releases.  Put out a beer as “limited release” with some cool packaging and I will fall for it every single time.

The Series Three is a blend of the Series One and the Series Two.  I will keep my eye out for that one.

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