Southampton India Pale Ale

Me and the V-Man were in Manhattan the other night.  He wanted to go to the Apple Store to check out some Ipods, and being a bit of a luddite, especially when it comes to the latest in computer gadgets, he asked me to come along to offer my insights.  He was leaning towards a Nano, but was wowed by the Ipod Touch, and has now become an Itunes addict.  “Crack-like” is how he describes it.

We decided to stop at the Corner Bistro for a burger and a beer, but the half hour wait for a seat sent us scrambling to the White Horse for some eats.  Afterwards, we stopped at the WXOU Bar on Hudson Street.  I was looking for the roommate of an old girlfriend who is married to one of the owners, and the V-Man just figured “what the hell, I have nothing to lose.”

I had the Southampton India Pale Ale.  This poured a cloudy amber, with a frothy head that left a beautiful belgian lace to the bottom of the glass.  Apricots on the aroma, and citrus fruit on the taste, not overly bitter, dry with a gorgeous mouth feel, this is a helluva beer.  I am giving it an 8.5/10.

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