Boulevard Brewing Long Strange Tripel

Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Company’ beers usually get great reviews, and they are not widely available in the Northeast, so when I saw some of their beers when I was visiting my sister and her family in Texas, I jumped on the opportunity to try as many as I could.  The Long Strange Tripel is part of their SmokeHouse Series of limited edition beers.  It is a dead certainty that one of the brewers is a Deadhead, and as you have probably guessed, this beer is a Belgian Tripel.  Not being well versed in Belgian beers, I do not know if it is a faithful representation of the style.  I do know that it was pale gold and cloudy, with a gorgeous foamy head that lasted to the bottom of the glass.  The beer had a sweet and fruity aroma, mostly banana and apple.  It had a pleasant malt and yeast flavor, with almost no hops bitterness.  I generally like my beers hoppy, but this was an exception to that rule.  The Long Strange Tripel grades out at a 7/10, and I have some other Boulevard beers coming up to be graded.

3 Responses to Boulevard Brewing Long Strange Tripel

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  2. Brendan Bennett says:

    What do you know about the flavor of Black strap Molasses and Star of Anise. I’m calling bollocks on these.

  3. seanrude says:

    I am a gourmand, as you know, and have a highly refined palate when it comes to meat, cheese and beer. Less so with whiskey or whisky, none whatsoever with wine. Molasses and Anise are not exactly exotic flavors for someone like me. If I picked up notes of geoduck, you could call bullshit.

    Which reminds me: You are in America now, Yankee Firma, so stop with the ‘bollocks’ and other anglicisms.

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