Smuttynose IPA

Back to Smuttynose, another one of my favorite brewers.  This time around, I sampled their IPA.  This beer poured a golden amber, and was crisp, dry, hoppy and damned refreshing.  Smuttynose bottles this unfiltered, so there was some haziness when it was poured.  Some people find that unappealing but it does not bother me at all.  If anything, I find it contributes to the mouth feel of the beer, which was silky smooth here.  It had a decent head, which dissipated quickly.  This is a smooth beer that can be knocked back all day and/or all night.  As I noted before, Smuttynose is widely available throughout the Northeast, and is always reasonably priced.  This bomber bottle set me back $2.99, which is probably not much more than the same size bottle of Corona or Bud, and this is so much better.  I grade it an 8/10.

3 Responses to Smuttynose IPA

  1. Jape says:

    Another winner. It is hoppy and a very dry fucker and I also enjoy them by the 6.

  2. Daniel says:

    I just responded over on your blog comment (on my blog) that I’d never had any Smuttynose beers. I’ll look for the IPA. I wish we could get bomber prices that low here.

    I’m also with you regarding the haze — I could care less if the beer is a little cloudy.

  3. […] and crisp, and I did not notice the 9.6% ABV at all.  It is very different from their regular IPA in that they did not just take their regular IPA and turn it up to 11. I had this on an early […]

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