More from Flying Fish: Hopfish India Pale Ale and Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA

Flying Fish is New Jersey’s best known craft brewer, and for good reason.  They make really good beer, and they are aggressively marketing themselves and their beers, at least here in New Jersey.  I am starting to see their beers pop up on taps in bars and pizzerias across New Jersey, and any time my beer selection is improved, no matter how incrementally, I applaud the effort.

One of their  flagship beers is the Hopfish India Pale Ale.  It is a crisp, dry IPA, nicely balanced by the malts.  It had a nice burnt amber color and fluffy white head.  It is not the hoppiest of IPAs, but there was enough pine and citrus flavor to keep me happy.  This is one of my “go to” beers.  I will grab a six of it on the rare occasions when I am overwhelmed by the choice of brews at my local beer emporium.  This is one of those beers to have if you’re having more than one.  Not the greatest, but damned good, 7/10.

Flying Fish’s Exit Series are limited edition beers inspired by the various exits of the Golden Roadway of the East, the New Jersey Turnpike.  Having favorably reviewed the Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout, the previous release in the series, I grabbed a bottle of the latest release in the series as soon as I could. 

Exit 16 is the exit for the Meadowlands area, and the wild rice that allegedly grows in the Meadowlands swamps and marshes is the inspiration for the Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA.  Please note that wild rice that was used in the malt for this beer does not actually come from the Meadowlands.  Anyt wild rice growing in those toxic dumps would be some sort of mutant strain that would unleash Mothra if consumed.

This poured golden and clear with a fluffy white head.  It had a very distinct hops aroma and flavor, without being very bitter. It had a thin mouth feel, but was very tasty.  My only criticism is that it was not very hoppy for a beer holding itself out to be Double IPA.  I did not do a side by side taste comparison, but I think the Hopfish may have been  hoppier.  Other than that criticism, and it is a minor one base on my expectations as opposed to the actual beer itself, this was a good one.  Thoroughly enjoyable, and a beer I will gladly go back to often.  8.5/10.

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