Corona Extra and Old Style Light

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Corona’s television ads, and their Christmas ad with the lights flicking on the palm tree is my favorite Christmas ad.  With that out of the way, Corona Extra is barely beer.  I used to describe it as “piss beer” but I now think that is unduly harsh.  While I do not have first hand knowledge of this, I am fairly certain that urine has more flavor than Corona. There is nothing to this beer.  No hops bitterness, no maltiness, no yeast, nada. I made sure to sample it on a night when I tried no other beers, so it is not a question of my taste buds being blown out by some octuple imperial IPA fermented with wild yeasts that had been aged in burgundy barrels wrapped in Cuban tobacco leaves (Wow! That sounds good!).   I am sure that it is great on a hot summer day after mowing the lawn, but it would be no different from having an ice water.  There is that little flavor to this beer. Have the ice water, and then have a good beer when you settle in to your easy chair later that afternoon.  2/10.

Old Style Natural Light is not much better, though to its credit, it actually tasted like beer.  There was faint trace of bitterness, but I cannot say with certainty whether that was from hops or from skunkiness. There was also a mild sweetness. This had a fairly nice head that lasted to the bottom of the glass.   I am giving it a 3/10.

3 Responses to Corona Extra and Old Style Light

  1. JaPE says:

    I will agree it is really good after mowing the lawn and better than ice water. Actually it’s better if you keep it in ice water for a few hours before so it’s headache cold. I am not proposing anyone drink this stuff for any other reason than post yardwork refreshment, but you will be justified to flame me anyway.

  2. Sean says:

    I don’t mind Corona. Plus it comes in a clear bottle which I know pisses off all you Hopzis

  3. seanrude says:

    Drink the ice water, and then use the yard work as justification for getting that slightly too expensive bottle that you have been eyeing. You need to use leverage in your relationships, says the guy with two failed marriages and no girlfriend.

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