High Point Brewing Ramstein Classic Wheat

High Point Brewing from New Jersey, my very own backyard, specializes in German wheat beers.  According to their website, High Point uses an exclusive strain of yeast obtained from a small unnamed brewer in Bavaria, and this unique yeast lends complexity to the character of their beers.

I poured myself a glass of their Classic Wheat the other night.  This poured a deep pumpernickel color, and with a nice foamy head.  The bready color carried over to the aroma and the taste, with no real sweetness from the malt.  It was slightly bitter and spicy, and highly carbonated. Only 5.5% ABV, though I would have guessed it was a bit higher due to the prevalence of alcohol in the taste.  I am giving this a 5.5/10.  Not a great score, but I will not let that put me off from trying some of their other brews.

One Response to High Point Brewing Ramstein Classic Wheat

  1. john koehne says:

    i’m thinking that Tom O’Reilly’s might be worth a mention for your “bars of my life” section just to put things into perspective. For all intents and purposes it was really, for the most part, pre-craft beer when we were adventurously going there, and Guinness was one of the few games in town. a few years later Zip City was “the sack” and it’s been gone for years now. Or maybe you can recap Tom’s, white horse, McSorley’s “loop”

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