Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewing Co. suffers from the same disease that Magic Hat does.  Their packaging and labels are outstanding.  Peppering your packaging with Hunter S. Thompson quotes and having Ralph Steadman illustrate your labels will get you that.  They have cool names for their beers, usually containing a canine reference. You can tell that they used top notch ingredients and that they want to make good beer.  Yet somehow, the beers fall a little short of expectations.

The Snake Dog IPA illustrates this point.  The Snake Dog pours a clear amber with a decent head.  The hoppy aroma has herbal notes and I picked up some orange peel as well.  There is a mild malt flavor at the beginning but it is quickly overwhelmed by the hops.  I never say this, but the hops should be taken down a notch or two, and the malt amped a bit to give this beer a better balance.  This is not a bad beer, definitely better than the Magic Hat.  It is just not all that great.  5.5/10.

One Response to Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

  1. Brendan Bennett says:

    You are misrememberating a few things. This is the Flying Dog Brewery from Aspen- i.e. former Broadway Brewing Company. Albeit East Coast version. You introduced me to the place- was joint venture b/t Flying Dog & Wynkoop- their bottling operation.I was a short order cook there after I passed the CO bar & before leaving for SA. Best job I ever had.

    Can’t speak to beer quality- haven’t tried. But provenance is pretty good. Labels are Ralph Steadman- Hunter S Thompson’s illustrator. The ancestor of the beer that you reviewed was, I believe, “Road Dog Scottish Ale.” I gave you a t-shirt that had the label logo….”Good Beer, No Shit.” I believe that this logo got to Supreme Court or at least Circuit Court & Brewery beat Gov’t on indecency/ profanity beef.

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