Andersonville Brewing Pale Ale

As I have pointed out before, pale ales tend be overlooked by beer dorks, mainly because they lack that extreme element that so many of us find appealing, and also because non-beer dorks can drink them without scrunching up their faces and saying “EWWWW, that is so bitter!”  This should be an indictment of beer dorks, because a good pale ale is as enjoyable as any style of beer that is out there, but beer dorks won’t care as they search out the latest barrel aged IPA fermented with Belgian yeasts and Cuban brown sugar and a hops varietal that can only be found on southern slopes in the Himalayas, and I will be leading that search, god help me.

However, as I will surely need some refreshment during that search (“I hear that ten bottles were shipped by mistake to that bodega on Central Avenue in Newark! Grab the pistol and car keys! Let’s Go!”), I could certainly do worse than the Andersonville Brewing Company’s Pale Ale.  Pale gold in color with a fluffy head, this pale ale has the most grapefruit aroma and flavor of any beer I have come across, and that includes the excellent Cross Cut Pale Ale that is brewed with grapefruit zest.  The inscription on the can claims that the brewery is solar powered.  I don’t give a shit about how green this beer is, but this dry, crisp, and refreshing pale ale is perfect for a hot and sunny day, 7/10, and if I am saving some polar bears by drinking it, that is all the better.

6 Responses to Andersonville Brewing Pale Ale

  1. Sean says:

    Anderson Valley makes some damn fine beer

  2. Trey White says:

    We appreciate the compliment!! We just released our Boont Amber in cans last month as well.
    Trey-President/new owner Anderson Valley Brewery

  3. Trey White says:

    We will try to get some out there thx

  4. CounterEMF says:

    Sorry if I hijacked your post, I didn’t know where else to add this.
    I love Anderson Valley Brewing Co. I live about 60 miles from Anderson Valley, but there is another local beer I love even more. Mendocino Brewing Company specifically “Eye of the Hawk” even “Red Tail Ale” is a very good beer in my opinion. I would love to hear your opinion on “Eye of the Hawk”. Thanks, Oh and Go Cowboys!

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