Legacy Brewing Hoptimus Prime

Pennsylania’s Legacy Brewing entry in the Imperial IPA is called ‘Hoptimus Prime’ and I am going to dock them half a point because I hated the Transformers movies.  I get that is a snappy marketing angle, but Sweet Jeebus those movies sucked.  I avoided giving this beer a try because of my dislike for those movies, and that makes me an idiot, because this is a damn fine Imperial IPA. Pale amber in color, slightly cloudy, with a glorious head, the hops are so piney that drinking this is like chewing a Christmas Wreath, and while that image is kind of nasty, I mean that as a compliment.  This is a big beer at 9.0% ABV, and it is dry dry dry, with almost no malt profile to speak of, but somehow this beer comes together nicely.  I give it a 7/10, and vow to not let movie snobbishness chase me away from good beer in the future.

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