Flying Fish Exit 4 American Trippel

Back for another round with my Jersey guys, Flying Fish.  The Exit 4 American Trippel is the first of the Turnpike Exit Series to be sold in six packs, which makes some sense as the Exit 4 probably has the widest appeal to the masses, although I could see the Exit 16 having a similar commercial appeal to the general public.  This pours a hazy golden orange, with lots of fruity malts in the aroma and a creamy thick head.  Lots of yeast in the flavor, along with some fruity sweetness (banana and pear) and the hops bitterness is in the background, along with a hint of clovelike spiciness.  This drinks very easily, and at 9.7% ABV, that can be dangerous.  The Exit 4 American Trippel gets a 7.5/10, and if Flying Fish keeps this up, they will soon be part of the list of the elite American brewers, if they are not there already.

3 Responses to Flying Fish Exit 4 American Trippel

  1. Exit 4 was the first of the Exit series that I tried. I missed it when it first came out, so I was happy to see they put it out in sixers! I’d agree with your review of the beer and it definitely demonstrates Flying Fish’s ability to make great beer. (I passed on the Oyster Stout though)

    • seanrude says:

      The Oyster Stout was a good beer, probably my second favorite of the series. Not sure where you are located, but there are still bottles lurking on shelves here in NJ

  2. […] also included a couple of bottles of the Exit 4 which I reviewed a few years ago. Not much to add to that review, just another outstanding beer from New Jersey’s finest […]

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