Boxes of Beer: World Cup Edition

The Vice Blog ran a NCAA Tournament pool with a twist.  The entry fee was beer.  If you lost, you had to send a local beer or two to the winner.  Your humble author was a co-winner of that tournament and I have written about some of my winnings here and here with some more reviews to come, and I am still waiting on one box to arrive.

The Vice Blog is now running a Boxes of Beer pool for the World Cup.  The idea is pretty simple:

To enter into this tournament pool your “fee” is simply beer.  You just need to offer up a nice local beer from wherever you live.  Doesn’t have to be rare, doesn’t have to be expensive, doesn’t even have to be good (although, what kinda dickhead would offer up a shitty beer?)  You live in Wisconsin, offer up a bottle or two of New Glarus.  California, how about some AleSmith?  Kansas and a Boulevard Smokestack would be divine.

Sign up for a free ESPN account and enter the pool here: Boxes of Beer

Password is BEER.

Contact the Vice Blog with any questions.

Good luck, but I am winning this thing again!  I am looking forward to drinking all of the beer that you all send me from the far flung corners of country.  Thanks in advance!

3 Responses to Boxes of Beer: World Cup Edition

  1. Mike says:

    After all the awesome beer I got from the first one, I’m planning on winning again! Just the Abrasive Ale made it worthwhile. Have you had Exit 16 yet? What do you think? I’m going to get some this weekend.

    • seanrude says:

      The Exit 16 is good stuff. I reviewed it a few weeks ago. The new one (Exit 6 I think) is coming out soon. Flying Fish has been on a hot streak lately. I put them in the second tier of American brewer, and they are knocking on the door of the first tier.

      I am making similar bold predictions for winning, but I don’t know shit about soccer. So far, the Surly Furious and Shclafly Bourbon Stout have been the best beers I have received, but in all honesty the lousiest beer has been pretty god damned great, so I have no complaints

  2. […] received this as part of my winnings from the NCAA Boxes of Beer Pool.  Every single one of you should join the World Cup Edition being run by the Vice Blog.  Even if […]

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