Bell’s Hopslam

I hear so much about how great West Coast brewers are (a reputation that is generally well deserved) and living and drinking on the East Coast, I have ready access to the best beers that the Atlantic side of the country has to offer, that I tend to ignore brewers from the Upper Midwest, either because they are not readily available here, or they are not one of the glamorous names from California, Oregon or Washington.  This is foolish, as there some great beers coming from the middle of the country, and Bell’s Hopslam is one of them.  This is a mouth-puckeringly bitter Imperial IPA, but it is has some caramel malts to balance all of those resinous and bitter grapefruit hops.  It poured a cloudy amber with a sticky head, had a nice honey aroma along with the hopped up pine and grapefruit, and had a wonderful creamy texture. At 10% ABV, you are not going to drink this beer all night long, but you will enjoy every single one that you pour, 8.5/10.

***I received this as part of my winnings from the NCAA Boxes of Beer Pool.  Every single one of you should join the World Cup Edition being run by the Vice Blog.  Even if you are not a soccer fan, and I am not, you probably know someone who is and who will help you fill out your brackets, and if not, just wing it.   You’ll have a rooting interest in the World Cup, and if you win, you get lots of great beer to try.

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