Ska Brewing Euphoria Pale Ale

The version of The Harder They Come that Jimmy Cliff sang in the movie is not the same version that was used on the soundtrack.*  The lyrics are slightly different, and the performance is remarkable.  Listen to that silky smooth guitar line snaking through the song, and Jimmy’s most soulful vocal performance.  I love the version on the soundtrack, but the movie version is better.

The Euphoria Pale Ale by Ska Brewing is silky smooth and easy drinking, with just a mild grapefruit bite from the hops, perfectly balanced by the toasted caramel malts.  Only 6.1% ABV, so you can drink a bunch of these at a sitting.  The folks from Ska Brewing not only have good taste in music, they make some damn fine beer also.  I am giving the Euphoria Pale Ale a 7.5/10, and am on the lookout for other offerings from Ska Brewing.

* The Harder They Come is the greatest soundtrack album of all time, and if any of you are thinking of making an argument that The Big Chill, or, god help us, Footloose is better, please leave my blog and don’t ever come back.  However, to show how magnanimous I am, I will listen to arguments made in favor of Valley Girl.

2 Responses to Ska Brewing Euphoria Pale Ale

  1. jimmy danger says:

    Other great soundtracks: Paris Texas – Ry Cooder’s haunting and spare guitar is running through my brain as I type this, and I haven’t listened to this for 10+ years. Hits both the lizard brain and the frontal lobe. Also, The Darjeeling Limited has an incredible smash-pastiche soundtrack that mixes the Kinks, a Stones chestnut, and Peter Sarstedt with Beethoven and Satyajit Ray to addictive affect. The movie is good, but the soundtrack is guh-rrreat.

    • seanrude says:

      Wes Anderson is up there with Scorsese with respect to effectively using songs in movies. His use of “Judy is a Punk” during the scene in The Royal Tenenbaums where Margot’s secret past is revealed is perfect. The song makes the scene.

      I would also add the Repo Man soundtrack to the list of great soundtracks, but nothing comes close to The Harder They Come.

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