Southern Star Blonde Bombshell

I am more of a brunette guy.  Both of my exes had dark hair, and  most of the women

The Blonde Bombshell of all Blonde Bombshells

I have dated had dark hair also.  That may just be my personal preference, or it might be that Blonde Bombshells are just way out of my league. Maybe I should start dating blondes, that might change my luck.

I am sure there is some primal explanation as to why men are attracted to blondes, some evolutionary reason explaining why blondes are more attractive to drunk guys at closing time.  As a simple beer blogger, such explanations are beyond my rudimentary thinking.  I cannot explain why, I just know it is so.

Not all Blondes are Bombshells.  The stereotypical ‘ditzy blonde’ is never a Bombshell.  To be a Bombshell requires more than just a blonde hair and a nice figure.  Bombshells are intelligent, often highly so, and their emotional intelligence is fine tuned.  Most of the ‘Baywatch’ blondes are not Bombshells.  They almost all have that vacuous look in their eyes that makes the prettiest girl unattractive.

Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential Blonde Bombshell.  She is unfairly maligned as a ‘ditzy blonde’ but anyone who has actually watched her movies can see that she was highly intelligent.  She was deeply troubled, and was used and abused by most of the men in her life, yet she still had an innocence and fragility and intelligence that makes her an icon nearly fifty years after her death (whether her death was suicide or murder is still an open question).  Her last film, The Misfits, is her best in my opinion.  Written by her ex-husband, Arthur Miller, and starring Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift, it is a powerful story and she turns in a wonderful performance.

Brigitte Bardot is certainly a Blonde Bombshell and her finest film is Le Mepris, directed by Jean Luc Godard.  She plays the wife of a screenwriter who is desperately trying to get hired to write the script for an adaptation of the Odyssey being produced by a boorish American filmmaker played by Jack Palance.  She loves her husband, but when she realizes that he is using her beauty and sex appeal to get the job from Palance, her love for him is shattered.  She turns in a powerful performance, and if you have not seen this movie, you should drop everything and see it now.

Mandy Morbid is a Twenty-First Century Blonde Bombshell (and yeah, I can see that might not be her natural hair color, but she usually presents herself as a blonde, so I am including her here).  Be advised that doing a google search on ‘Mandy Morbid’ will turn up extremely Not Safe For Work results, unless you work in an incredibly cool place.  There is no ditz in this woman (Link is NSFW), as evidenced by her explanation of the difference between sex with a guy and sex with a girl.  Her metaphor of a guy being like “a wolf with teeth and claws that can hurt you” is poetic.  She also has Star Wars tattoos. So in addition to being whip smart, great looking with an incredible body and a vigorous libido, she digs The Empire Strikes Back.  Yep, she is that awesome.  I’ll wait here while you go google her.

Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde Ale does not quite measure up to these fine women, but it is a good beer nonetheless.  Not much of an aroma at all when you open the can and pour, but the taste has some melon fruitiness to it, along with some yeast and bready malts and a silky smooth texture.  Only 5.25% ABV, so this is definitely a session beer.  Not Southern Star’s best (that would be the fantastic Pine Belt Pale Ale), but still good, 6.5/10.

2 Responses to Southern Star Blonde Bombshell

  1. Blondes are hot. Brunettes are hotter.

    Only 6.5 stars? I happen to enjoy this beer. This is actually my goto beer. Maybe it because it goes with everything or maybe because it reminds me of MY favorite blonde bombshell…the Diva.

    Which by the way, when speaking of blonde bombshells how can you NOT include the bisexual, Mercedes driving, pistol packing, Louis Bag carrying, dripping in diamonds, Texas born, Chanel scented Diva?!?!

  2. oh and if you aren’t reading my blog anymore…am I NOT to read yours in return??

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