Mister JK’s Belgian Beer Adventure

Mister JK is a Mover and Shaker, a Titan of High Finance and Commerce.  If I were to publish his address here, the Occupy Wall Street Gang would camp out in from of his guiding to protest him, chanting “Hey! Hey! Mister JK! Send Some Bacon Our Way!”  HA! The joke would be on them because Mister JK always keeps a six month supply of premium bacon in his deep freeze. HA! again, I say!

Mr. JK spent the better part of this past summer working in London.  He says he was just working out of the London office, but I suspect he was part of negotiations concerning the dissolution of the Euro and the return of the Deutsche Mark to its rightful place as the Kaiser of Currencies.  Knowing that Mister JK has their back is giving the Germans the intestinal fortitude to tell those lazy shiftless idlers to the south to go Nehmen Sie fine Wanderung.

When he was not consolidating his position in the world of finance, Mister JK would taunt me by telling me about all of the good beers he was drinking.  I would get texts messages like “Sitting in countryside pub, drinking the Private Reserve Barleywine the Publican keeps for Dignitaries. Oh, you’ve never had any?  It is divine, really goes well with this pre-Castro Cuban I am smoking…”

As part of his plan to subvert the Euro, Mister JK had to spend some time in Belgium, and naturally he regaled me with tales of the awesome beers he was downing, the mussels he was consuming, and the cheeses he was enjoying.  He was kind enough to send me a few bottles of the Belgian beer that he sampled.

Watou’s Wit Biere: Lemony and light and remarkably refreshing, this beer was perfect for the boiling hot Texas day that I drank it on.   Sharp and crisp and not too demanding, I could drink this all day.  My only real complaint about this beer is that I did not have more of it, 7/10.

Kerelsbier Blond Bier Van Lage Gisting:  Not nearly as good as the Wit, and it had a soapy aftertaste that was unpleasant.  It also had a strange aroma.  I do not endorse this rare misstep by the Belgians, 5/10.

Super Des Fagnes Brune:  This was the best of the lot.  Malty goodness, like good pumpernickel bread, without being heavy, just the right amount of hops to balance those pumpernickel malts, and that funky yeasty flavor that is always present in Belgian beers.   Again, my only complaint here is that I did not have more of it to sample.  This is the first ‘brown ale’ that I can call great beer, 8.5/10.

7 Responses to Mister JK’s Belgian Beer Adventure

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  2. bladdamasta says:

    To have friends like JK

  3. Tommy says:

    hey that’s my dad!

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