Boulevard Brewing Collaboration #2 White IPA

Collaborations between brewers are a hot trend in the craft beer world.  The idea is that two or more brewers get together and whip up a (usually limited edition) brew, with each brewer bringing their unique talents to the mix, and beer dorks across the world start the rare beer scramble, trying to get a bottle or two by purchase, trade, or piracy.  I have had some wonderful beer collaborations, although the majority, while usually quite good, tend to be somewhat disappointing.  I just expect fireworks when great brewers get together, but I guess not all collaborations can be as super-fantastically awesome as this collaboration:

What the fuck were they thinking? Granted, both Bowie and Jagger were past their primes (although both have made some fine music since this abortion), but you had to figure that they could come up with something better than this piece of shit.  I guess their defense would be that they whipped this up in a few hours to rush it out before Live Aid, but even that is no real excuse.*  Artists this talented should do better.  The video looks like it was shot in an abandoned mental hospital, which could be a cool setting if you were going for something dark, but having Jagger and Bowie flouncing about (I have no way of knowing if Angela Bowie’s story about catching David and Mick in flagrante delicto is true, but this video will do nothing to cast doubt on the story) undercuts that angle completely.  And what is Bowie’s dance move at the 1:54 mark as he he sings “on the streets of Brazil”? Talk about two guys trading on past glories.  So far, no beer collaboration has approached the awfulness of this piece of shit.

But I digress.

Boulevard Brewing and Deschutes Brewing got together recently and came up with what they call a White IPA.  I tried the Boulevard version of this beer and was quite pleased with it.  It poured a slightly cloudy yellow with a fluffy bone white head, and was light and lemony and had a nice herbal aftertaste, with a faint trace of cilantro and sage, along with some lemon zest.  It was not very hoppy, so calling this an IPA is a bit of a stretch, although it had more hops than a typical witbier.  The Boulevard Collaboration #2 White IPA was light, refreshing, and different, a fine drink, just something short of great, 6.5/10.

Check out  Beer Samizdat’s review of Conflux Series No. 2, the Deschutes version of this beer , along with some background on the unique nature of this collaboration.

*Here is a collaboration between two giants of music that actually works.  I bet they spent less time rehearsing this than Bowie and Jagger spent rehearsing just the dance moves for that video, yet it is brilliant.

3 Responses to Boulevard Brewing Collaboration #2 White IPA

  1. john koehne says:

    Sean you are the best

  2. john says:

    Funny commentary on the Jagger/Bowie vidoe

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