New Kids On The Block: Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Peticolas Brewing

I was out and about the other night with fellow Beer Bully GEB. We started at the Flying Saucer and then later retired to the Holy Grail. During the course of the evening I tried a few beers from the newest breweries in North Texas, Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Peticolas Brewing Company.

I did not take any beer photos, so enjoy this photo of 508 Park Avenue, the Dallas location of Robert Johnson's recording sessions

My first beer was the Deep Ellum IPA, and it was outstanding. It poured hazy and orange with a pillowy white head. Before I could take a sip I noticed the pine resin hops wafting from the glass. The flavor started off with some tangerine and grapefruit before finishing with dry piney hops. Terrific chewy mouth feel on this, and some malty sweetness balances the bitterness from the hops nicely. Deep Ellum’s IPA is fantastic, 8.5/10.*

Next up was the Peticolas Great Scot Scottish Ale. Scottish ales tend to be malty, and as I am a hophead, these are usually not my favorite style of beer. With that caveat in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed Peticolas’ take on a scottish ale. It is very malt forward, but also has a peat smoke aftertaste somewhat reminiscent of a Highland Single Malt. It is light bodied despite the heavy flavors, with mild carbonation. This is one of the few Scottish Ales I would return to, 7.5/10.

*I must note that I had another pint of the Deep Ellum IPA later that night at the Holy Grail, and it did not have the same pop. Whether that was due to quality control problems at Deep Ellum, issues with the tap lines at the Holy Grail, or (the most likely explanation) that I had consumed several beers and my taste buds were a bit blown out is open to debate. It was still good at the Holy Grail, just not as fantastic as the pint I had at the Flying Saucer.

8 Responses to New Kids On The Block: Deep Ellum Brewing Company and Peticolas Brewing

  1. bladdamasta says:

    Isn’t great that new brewers keep emerging? It’s the same in Oz, but not at the same rate as the ole’ US of A.

    Is an IPA the benchmark by which all US brewers are measured?

    • seanrude says:

      It really is great. There are a few more opening in the next few months as well. I have to admit that when I first moved to Texas, I was somewhat wary of the beer culture here, but I have been surprised by how good it is, with respect to both established brewers (Real Ale, Saint Arnold) and the new kids like these guys and Jester King.

      India Pale Ales are the benchmark. Damn near every brewer makes one, and if your IPA is not up to scratch, you will have a hard time generating any interest in your other beers. There are some exceptions, such as brewers who focus on brewing belgian style beers, and there is a local brewer called Franconia who specializes in german styles, but I think even he may have an IPA coming out soon.

      I try to sample different styles, but I am definitely a fan of English style beers (It was on a trip to the UK as a teenager that I had my beer epiphany) and I am also a hophead, so my blog reflects that.

      Sad to say that the only Australian beer we get here is Fosters.

  2. jpendress says:

    Once I knew a preacher, preached the bible through and through
    Went down to Deep Elem now his preaching days are through!

  3. jpendress says:

    Can you see it or are you busting my balls?

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