Saint Arnold Homefront India Pale Ale

Beating the heat in Texas is a fool’s errand. It simply cannot be done. It is like trying to stop Michael Jordan in his prime. That is just not going to happen. But as the sportscasters used to say, “you cannot stop Michael Jordan, you can only hope to contain him” and that is the approach I take to summer in Texas.

I concede that I am going to be hot and miserable. There is no way around it, but I am not going to let the summer defeat me. I am going to ride my bike whenever I can, I am just going to be sure to stay well hydrated. I recognize that my car is going to be pizza oven hot when I get into it, I just park in the shade whenever possible and use the window screen religiously. I understand that every pool I jump into is going to feel like plunging into a bowl of warm spit, instead of the cold, bracing, damn near heart attack inducing sensation I am used to after growing up in the northeast. And I know that the heavy IPAs I usually prefer are going to go down like sludge, so I resign myself to drinking lighter bodied beers during the dog days of summer.

Although I resign myself to drinking lighter beers in the summer, Saint Arnold’s Homefront IPA* is a damn fine india pale ale for the Texas heat due to it’s light body. The aroma is sweet oranges and flowery hops. The taste has the floral hops right up front, with some orange marmalade bittersweetness in the background. The Homefront IPA clocks in at 6.5 % ABV, which is so well hidden that I would have guessed it would have been around 5%. This is another fine addition to Saint Arnold’s lineup of beers, 8/10.

*Saint Arnold brewed this in honor of Memorial Day, and Saint Arnold is donating the profits to Operation Homefront, and organization providing emergency financial and other assistance to the families of American service members and wounded warriors.

4 Responses to Saint Arnold Homefront India Pale Ale

  1. Green-Eyed Brat says:

    We’ve already discussed how much we both enjoyed this beer. Two thumbs up. I soooo want to visit St. Arnold.

    Oh and why did you post this think to my FB pic of this beer….are you trying to gain followers by using my pics?!?!


  2. bladdamasta says:

    The expression “bowl of warm spit” is priceless. So June, july isn’t the time to visit Texas?

    • seanrude says:

      June is ok, not great. July and August are brutal. Last summer there was something like 45 days with temps over 100 degrees (over 38 degrees for you metric folks), and there is no relief at night. Midnight, and it is still 100 plus, and there is no breeze, no break, nothing.

      On the other hand, winters down here are easy peasy lemon squeezey for someone like me who grew up in the Northeast.

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