Great Divide Rumble IPA

I spent a few years out in Denver in the early nineties. I learned to love mexican food, did some mountain biking, honed my appreciation of good beer, and dug through the racks of the used record stores in between going to class.* I cannot say for certain whether I had any Great Divide Beers while I was living there. I sort of recall the name from that time, but the mind plays tricks on you, and memories, especially those centered around and/or fueled by the consumption of alcohol, are unreliable.

You can’t hit what you can’t see

I have certainly had Great Divide Beers in the intervening years, and while I would not put them in the upper echelon of American brewers, they are certainly good enough to take a flyer on when I see something I have not tried before, like the Rumble India Pale Ale. Aged in oak barrels (like all IPAs should be!), and that aging shows in the subtle vanilla aroma and flavor behind the heavy dose of piney hops and caramel malts, this beer clocks in at 7.1 % ABV. Did I mention there was some sediment floating around in my beer? There was, and I love when my beer has flotsam and jetsam** in it, 7/10.

*No, I never went skiing.

**As the sediment is neither cargo dumped overboard nor wreckage from a ship, it is technically neither flotsam nor jetsam, but those terms sound better than detritus so I am going to roll with them.

11 Responses to Great Divide Rumble IPA

  1. Green-Eyed Brat says:

    Fuck Denver.

  2. jpe says:

    The difference between flotsam and jetsam is one of my favorite differences in the entire English language. Great Divide’s stuff has never done much for me either. That’s all.

    Fuck Gravatar.

    • seanrude says:

      I know what you mean, plus they are just great sounding words. It has been a while since I read it, but both must have been used in Moby Dick.

      I think your gravatar is awesome!

      • jpe says:

        Thanks, I made it myself. “The Green Doily” is my super hero name/logo – it’s pretty badassed, right?

        I did find a podcast of Moby Dick being read by different, mostly british sounding people, and listened to the first 7 chapters on my way to fish the ocean in Rhode Island. Almost painfully appropriate, I know, but also very cool way to kill a few hours in the car.

      • Mark says:

        JPE wants to be a green cloned sheep !!!???

  3. Hag says:

    And F & J were clearly the best band on Metal Blade Records back in the day……

  4. bladdamasta says:

    Flotsam and jetsam sound like far more fun than detritus.

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