Catch Up Post: Beers That I Have Been Drinking

Sorry about the absence. Events conspired against me to keep me from posting as regularly as I would have liked, but crap happens from time to time. To make up for some lost time, here are some quickie reviews:

Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast Rye IPA: As soon as I poured this in the glass and got a blast of the peppery spiciness from the rye malts, I was certain I was going to enjoy this beer, and I did. I enjoyed the hell out of it, 8/10. The rye is countered by some ballsy ruby red grapefruit malts, and the whole shebang is fueled by a hefty 9% ABV. This is the best beer I have had from Lazy Magnolia.


Blue Point White IPA: I suppose this is hoppy enough to be called an IPA, but it is a damn close thing. To my taste buds, this beer, with it’s lemony afteraste, is just a tad too light in the loafers to qualify as a true India Pale Ale, and without any trace of oak at all, I would not market it as such. That is not to say it is bad. In fact, I quite enjoyed it, 7/10, I just think it should be classified as something different.


Stone Enjoy 12*21*12 IPA: I had a bottle of this before December 21, and one after its enjoy by date, and could not taste any difference. Both poured crystal clear orange, with a decent head and a blast of fresh hops. The taste was citrussy and peppery hops, with some faint malts to balance it out. It is a decent India Pale Ale, 6.5/10, but is more a marketing scheme than anything else.


Sierra Nevada Narwhal Imperial Stout: Sierra Nevada is one of my favorite breweries, and the Narwhal (with its unicorn horn) is one of my favorite sea creatures, so the only question was whether this beer could possibly live up to that double shot. I am happy to report that it did. Lots of coffee, chocolate and booze (10% ABV) in this one. It would be great to sip slowly before a roaring fire, or just sitting on your ass in front of the television like I drank it. Either way, with its bold flavors, it is not a beer for delicate sensibilities, 8/10.

Thar She Blows!

Thar She Blows!

Adelbert’s Scratching Hippo Biere De Garde: This Texas beer smells of newly mowed grass and citrus, and has a nice toffee biscuit flavor with a dry finish.  Adelbert’s is putting together quite a nice stable of tasty beers and this is certainly one of them, 7.5/10.


2 Responses to Catch Up Post: Beers That I Have Been Drinking

  1. jpe says:

    “Either way, with its bold flavors, it is not a beer for delicate sensibilities.”

    I am surprised you liked it then, blogger.

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