I know beers, music, movies, books, politics, history and pro football. I will occasionally write about any of these topics, but beer is at the top of the list.

I became aware of how good beer could really be on a trip to the UK when I was fifteen.  I went into a pub, pointed at one of the tap handles and was handed a pint glass of a copperish liquid with a minimal head.  One sip and my taste buds were dancing.  I have been hooked on good beer ever since that pint.

I used to do some homebrewing, but have not done so in years.  There are too many good to great beers out there that I no longer need to brew my own, and to be frank, I was not particularly good at it anyway.

I tend to like my beers hoppy.  Imperial IPAs, Double IPAs, Strong IPAs, anything with lots of hops in them are my favorites, but I am trying to break out of the Hophead Ghetto and expand my palate a bit.

If you would like to reach me, either leave a comment or email me at tiltingsuds AT gmail DOT com.  If anybody is interested in working out a beer trade, I am usually game.

All content is © Sean Smith. That means everything here is mine, all mine, and so don’t borrow anything (photos, written content, ANYTHING) without dropping me a note and getting permission.

3 Responses to About

  1. uncle says:

    Have just returned fron Spain where there are no beer paradises. Cruzcampo the country’s largest seller is owned by Heineken and is drinkable. The othe top sellers are Estrella,Mahou and Alhambra. Think Coor’s Light.
    Some Irish pubs exist but the Guiness is so damn cold you that you immediately know if you missed your last dental appointment.
    Wines however are good,plentiful and inexpensive.

  2. DalaiLuke says:


    I’m in Jersey this week … where are you watching the game? Send me an email.

    – Luke

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