Catch Up Post: Beers That I Have Been Drinking

February 7, 2013

Sorry about the absence. Events conspired against me to keep me from posting as regularly as I would have liked, but crap happens from time to time. To make up for some lost time, here are some quickie reviews:

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New Texas Brewery: Adelbert’s Brewery Gives Us The Naked Nun Belgian Wit, And I Like It

August 9, 2012

I have never seen a naked nun, nor have I ever seen a nun that I would like to see naked. I am sure there are some who find the idea of a nun in the raw appealing, arousing even, which is why I am terrified of googling ‘naked nun’ to see what others think of this fine beer from Adelbert’s Brewery, one of Texas’ newest breweries*.

This wit poured a golden yellow, hazy from the yeast, with great lacing in the glass. It had a mild lemon peel aroma and taste, with some soft herbal ¬†notes as well¬†(which tasted more like sage to me rather than the coriander noted on the label, but what do I know), and just a touch of funkiness from the yeast. This is not a ground breaking wit, but it is quite nice, 6.5/10, and based on the strength of this beer, I am looking forward to drinking Adelbert’s other brews.


*I keep saying this, but it bears repeating: Texas may not have the depth and breadth of craft brewers that the Pacific Northwest or Northern California has, but it is gaining ground and doing so quickly. It seems as if a new brewery opens in Texas every other week, and most are quite good. At this pace, Texas will soon be in the top tier of beer states.

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