Terrapin Station

October 22, 2012

Grandpa Jones approves of this beer

While in Florida recently, I stumbled upon some beers from Terrapin Brewing Co. Their beers are not available in Texas, at least in my experience. That made sense to me, as I assumed the brewery was located in Maryland and I just figured they had not made it this far south and west of the Mason-Dixon line until I looked them up and discovered they are from Athens, Georgia. While their unavailability in Texas makes less sense, as Georgia is not as far from Texas as Maryland is, the the real lesson here, as always, is that I am an idiot.

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale – This pale ale is nicely balanced, with some fairly assertive floral hops and earthy and caramel malts. It has a 5.5 % ABV, so it is a nice session beer. That is the second time I have used ‘nice’ to describe this beer in as many sentences, and that is the best I can say for it. It blandly inoffensive, certainly drinkable, but nothing to get excited about. I had hoped for more flavor from the rye malts, but it was not to be. Good, but not great, 6/10.

Terrapin Easy Rider Hopped Up Session Ale  – This one is bit more interesting. It is very aggressively hopped, with lots of flowery and citrus flavors and aromas mingling together, and packs a lot of flavor for a beer with only 4.5 % ABV. It has a sticky mouth feel and a crisp and bitter finish to it. There is no real malt profile to speak of here, but I am o.k. with that, 6.5/10.

Insert Dennis HOPper joke here

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