Thomas Creek Up The Creek Imperial IPA

February 2, 2012

I had never even heard South Carolina’s Thomas Creek Brewery before I saw some of their beers while visiting Dad in Florida, so being the Beer Dork that I am, I was eager to sample some. India Pale Ales are my favorite style of beer, and a good Imperial IPA usually gets me to ring the brass bell, so I ordered the Up The Creek Imperial IPA while out with Dad recently.The label and the brewer’s website claim this beer has 12.5% ABV. That high ABV is well hidden by the complex flavors and balance of this beer, although it is plainly evident when you stand up from your barstool to take a leak, and if it is not evident then, the next morning’s railroad spike throughout the middle of your forehead let’s you know you were drinking a whopper. It pours a dark brown, with a dark head as well. This is not as hop forward as you would expect from an Imperial IPA. There is brown sugar, coffee and caramel in the malt profile. This is a good beer, but don’t have more than one, especially if you re driving, 7/10.

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