The Bars of My Life: The Abbey, New Orleans, Lousiana

May 17, 2010

My last night at the Abbey was my best night there, but the first night was a good one too.

The first night, I was in New Orleans with some friends on Spring Break my senior year of college, and we were wandering around the French Quarter getting drunk as college students will do in New Orleans when they are on Spring Break.  We headed towards the river and grabbed some dinner, and then worked our way slowly up Decatur Street.  The two story buildings on Decatur Street have balconies that extend over the warped and uneven sidewalks, and these balconies darken the streets more than usual, especially at dusk.  By the standards of New Orleans, and especially by the standards of the French Quarter, there are relatively few bars on Decatur Street, so when we saw the small stained glass sign that read “The Abbey” and poked our heads in the darkened door and saw the bar, we headed in for a drink.

The constant presence of water, in floods and the high water table and also in humidity, makes New Orleans the city of uneven surfaces, and the Abbey is no exception.   The floorboards are buckled and warped, and the bar seem to have an unusual tilt to it, though that may be due to the fact that intoxication seems to come quickly in the Abbey. Read the rest of this entry »

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