Ommegang Hennepin and Abbey Ale

February 21, 2010

Ommegang is a New York brewer specializing in Belgian style beers.  I am far from an expert on Belgian beers, but I know enough to know that the two beers sampled here are not all that great.

First up is the Hennepin which is a saison style ale.  The Saisons that I have had are fresh and bright and have strong yeast flavor.  Maybe because they are often called ‘farmhouse’ ales, I usually find some herbal notes in the palate.  Not with this one. The Hennepin was thin and weak tasting.  It did have a nice foamy head, but there was not much else going on with this beer.  I will give it a 4.5/10, and I am being generous with that.

The next beer was the Abbey Ale. This poured a deep ruby color, and had a nice head.  It had some spice notes in the aroma, and had a malty flavor.  It was not bad, but it was far from great.  It gets a 5.5/10.

While I will not go back to the well for either of these beers, Ommegang brews what they call Chocolate Indulgence, which looks worth a try.

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