Boak’s Double BW Belgian Wheat with Lemongrass

May 17, 2010

I will not claim that New Jersey is a hotbed of craft brewing.  It is certainly not like Oregon or Colorado, where every podunk town has a brewpub turning out quality brews, and every convenience store has a selection which brings tears of joy to my eyes.  However, whatever my home state lacks in quantity, it makes up for it in quality.  River Horse brews several excellent beers, and Flying Fish is doing it’s damnedest to be considered one of the elite brewers in the country.

Boaks Brewing, located in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, brews a few beers in small batches, and they distribute seems to be limited to Northern New Jersey throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, with plans to expand to Central Pennsylvania and Maryland.  I tried their “Double BW”* Belgian Wheat recently.  It poured a very cloudy and very pale orange, with a frothy head that quickly dissipated.  It was peppery and lemony and refreshingly tart after the long bike ride I had gone on.  Definitely an unusual beer, and while it was not cheap, but pair it up with some spicy Asian food, and it would be fantastic, 7/10.

*Per an email from Brian, the man behind Boak’s, the “Double BW” stands for “Brian’s Belgian Wild Wheat.”  Two Bs, Two Ws.  This beer clocks in at 4.2% ABV so it is not a ‘Double’ in the sense that the term is often used.

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