Laughing Dog Dogzilla Black IPA

March 26, 2010

Laughing Dog, the finest brewery in Idaho, at least that I know of, have scored another winner with the Dogzilla Black IPA.  This poured with a nice frothy head that lasted to the bottom of the glass and probably would have lasted all night if I left the glass on the countertop.  It was as black as advertised, and had a good blast of hops bitterness, balanced by some toasted malt flavors, with a hint of mocha and raisin, but without any real malt sweetness.  This seemed to be more of a hoppy porter than a dark IPA, but I can live with their characterization.  7.5/10.

Laughing Dog Brewing Alpha Dog Imperial IPA

February 7, 2010

Located in Ponderay, Idaho, which is way the hell up north, damn near Canada, you would not expect to come across Laughing Dog Brewing Company’s beers in New Jersey, but damn if I did not find one at my local beer emporium.  I bought it because A) the label looked cool (although that dog does not look like it is laughing) and B) I don’t think I have ever had a beer from Idaho and C) it cost $4.99 for the bomber bottle so I did not have much to lose.

The Alpha Dog Imperial IPA poured with a nice head and a strong hops aroma.  Strong hop flavor and bitterness, and not much in the way of maltiness to balance the hops.  I am not complaining as I am a hophead, and with an 8% ABV, this is not a beer for the faint of heart.  This is definitely a beer I will come back to, and I will try their other brews if I come across them.  I am giving it an 8/10.

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