Flying Fish Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout

February 26, 2010

Oysters and stout, like coffee and doughnuts, spring and baseball,  and Martin and Lewis, is a classic combination, and I am certainly not one to question the wisdom of our ancestors.  It was a brave man who first shucked an oyster and thought to himself I must eat that; It was a genius who thought A good stout would wash this down nicely.  Many years ago, many more than I wish to admit to, I spent an afternoon in a bar in Galway, eating oysters and drinking Guinness, and chatting with a pretty French girl.  Of course my advances were spurned, which is more a testament to my lack of ‘game’ than the aphrodisiacal qualities of oysters and alcohol.

In recent years, some brewers have decided that if oysters and stout is a classic combination, stout brewed with oysters would be divine.  New Jersey’s Flying Fish is one of those brewers.  Flying Fish’s Exit Beers is a series of beers named after Exits on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Exit One is in South Jersey by the Delaware Bay, an area that was historically rich in oysters.

The stout poured a deep, dark brownish black, with a full head.  The complex flavor was more chocolate than coffee. This beer lacked the malty sweetness that many stouts have.  I did not notice any real oyster flavor, though the lack of malt may have been due to the brininess of the oysters.  No, I did not have fresh oysters with this, but I did have some raw little neck clams, and the stout and the clams complemented each other nicely.  8.5/10.

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